About the School

Mission Statement

The faculty and staff of Anadarko Public Schools will provide flexible on-going instruction and differentiated learning opportunities to prepare all students to achieve at high levels in a global society.


Ensuring student success whatever it takes!

Sunset Elementary

School welcome sign
Sunset Elementary is the home of kindergarten and first grade students in the Anadarko School District.  There are 6 kindergarten classes and 7 first grade classes. Students have the opportunity to participate in special classes such as P.E., music, computer lab and the library weekly.

Our teachers work very hard delivering high quality instruction to the children daily.  Reading programs include Pearson Reading Street, Literacy First and a special reading intervention program called Voyager.  We currently do Everyday Math, but beginning in August 2019, we will start HMH math.  Science and Social Studies is integrated through literature and through science lab.
Here at Sunset we exhibit "The Warrior Way" all day everyday.  We have high expectations for our students academically, but we also expect them to be respectful, responsible and safe each day.

Sunset's vision is to build a strong foundation and a culture of promise for tomorrow's leaders by educating, inspiring, and engaging young hearts and minds toward a path of lifelong learning.